India – Today’s Strategic Opportunity for the Retail Sector

A strategic growth opportunity that has not been fully harnessed by many brands in the retail sector is India. India’s economy is growing at a rate faster than all mature economies and most emerging economies. When analyzing the top 30 developing countries for retail investment based on macroeconomic and retail-specific variables, focusing on the most successful developing markets today, and those that offer the most potential promise, long-term, India rises to second place from 15th in 2015. India benefits from economic stability and regulatory reforms aimed at improving ease of doing business. It is now the world’s fastest growing economy. Although China still ranks first in the emerging

The US Economy and President Trump

One of the major challenges that President Trump will encounter is the role of the United States in the world economy and how to stimulate growth. Although the US still has the largest GDP and a robust GDP per capita, our role is somewhat weakened as the rest of the worlds economies, particularly the emerging markets, grow at a faster pace. In October 2016, the International Monetary Fund reduced its projections for the world and U.S. growth. In 2015, global growth is coming in at 3.2%. The IMF forecast for 2016 is now 3.1%. In 2015, U.S. GDP is expected to end the year with 2.6% growth and the forecast for 2016 is 1.6% and 2.2% for 2017. Both projections are down from 3-months ago (2016 f

Fragmented and Disconnected Systems – and the Impact on Today’s Consumer

A growing development is the “see it now and buy it now” shopping preference. What the shopper wants and when they want it is critical to satisfying customers. Building loyalty with that customer and having the right inventory at the right location to service that customer is an enormous problem that the vast majority of brands and retailers have not solved. Disappointing your customer has a lasting effect on your relationship with her. How do you improve your performance? What is the major issue? An endemic problem with the vast majority of retailers today is limited and disjointed visibility of their inventory. Outdated point solutions are patched together with inefficient middleware