Go Global Retail deliverers unique investment opportunities to our strategic and investment opportunities around the world. 


Our commercial and operational expertise unlocks growth and profitability not readily available to most financial institutions.


Go Global’s investors include strategic partners who will unlock value through development of fully integrated supply chains and provide local expertise for international expansions.



We believe that pragmatic deal sourcing is central to successful investing. For our financial and strategic clients, Go Global will generate leads and manage relationships with intermediaries.

We are poised to deliver deal origination through our knowledge of opportunities in the market, so that a bid can be placed, or by generating dialogue through our connections. 

Go Global will discover, evaluate and assist and drive the selection of investment opportunities in the Consumer Sector.  


In today’s globally competitive environment, realizing new investment opportunities requires more than a strong knowledge of finance and accounting. We provide deep industry understanding and operational expertise.

Go Global has the business acumen, industry expertise and commercial and operational skill sets to perform comprehensive due diligence services - essential for financial and strategic investors to make informed decisions.  Our deliverables include material contributions to investment thesis and asset valuation.



Building a sound investment thesis begins with rigorous diligence that not only aligns with your targeted return on capital, but also considers the macro environment with an in-depth analysis of the consumer sector for each investment. 

Our rich industry expertise, combined with real-time global connectivity will provide clarity on the opportunity while providing a comprehensive thesis and investment roadmap.  Our deliverables include: 

- In-Depth Analysis of the Product

- Market Positioning

- Market Size and Growth

- Historical Returns

- Unit Economics

- Competitive Landscape

- Impact of Cyclical / Seasonal Trends

- Growth Potential (By Channel and Geo-Region)

- Risks

- Expected Return

We are confidant that our knowledge in the consumer vertical adds measurable transparency to the opportunity and overall valuation.


We believe it is critical to begin integration planning before deal closure. Go Global has the expertise necessary for integration, while unlocking value to impact the new organization.

Whether a conventional buyout to complicated corporate carve-out, Go Global has the expertise to lead a seamless and transition forward.


We identify strengths, synergies, and understated hidden liabilities to help shape the organization with customized planning and an implementation blueprint.  Our team will develop a comprehensive communication plan. We will address HR, IT, infrastructure and operational needs, to create a  transparent roadmap for success. 



Go Global will conduct an analysis to gauge an organization’s ability to deal with operational change. Our deliverables include support to the executive team while developing a sound change-management strategy.  We will provide support in redefining any workflow, cultural transformation and crafting of shared organizational key performance indices (KPI’s).   

Los Angeles, California, USA