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Fragmented and Disconnected Systems – and the Impact on Today’s Consumer

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Originally published Dec. 12, 2016

A growing development is the “see it now and buy it now” shopping preference. What the shopper wants and when they want it is critical to satisfying customers. Building loyalty with that customer and having the right inventory at the right location to service that customer is an enormous problem that the vast majority of brands and retailers have not solved.

Disappointing your customer has a lasting effect on your relationship with her. How do you improve your performance? What is the major issue?

An endemic problem with the vast majority of retailers today is limited and disjointed visibility of their inventory. Outdated point solutions are patched together with inefficient middleware or workflow. Brands and retailers are unable to provide accurate real-time inventory across the enterprise.

A viable solution has arrived– a middle-wear solution that operates as a distributed order management (DOM) module, connecting your ERP, WMS, POS and other point solutions. This OMS solution was developed by a leading European company and has been implemented in two European retailers. It can connect and communicate across different data structures and is scalable.

I am very excited about this “game changing” solution; one that will enable multi-channel retailers provide materially improved service to their core customers, regardless of where the brand engaged with the customer.

Go Global is a partner to this European solution and pleased to bring the enabler to you.

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