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ModCloth celebrates it's re-indepenance!

Originally posted Sept. 8, 2020

ModCloth is back to being independently owned, thanks to fashion industry veterans, Go Global Retail! Since ModCloth’s breakout in 2002 as an indie brand that championed a vintage, feminine, and fun fashion aesthetic, Go Global Retail has always admired ModCloth’s unique product assortment and mission to empower and uplift women through their brand values.

From ModCloth’s outset, we’ve set industry standards in regards to size inclusion, anti-photoshopping policies, and female leadership long before it was the norm. Go Global’s mission is to help ModCloth continue to innovate, and amplify the brand while staying true to its essence.

Now that we’re back to being independently owned, ModCloth is reinvigorating the independent and innovative mindset that is the foundation of our brand. This future begins with what made our customer fall in love with us in the first place: READ MORE HERE

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