Very few retailers have a functional omni-channel platform.  Common results are dissatisfied customers, lost sales opportunities and brand erosion. 

Our Omni-Team will assess the company’s technological capabilities and infrastructure along with their supply chain and fulfillment proficiencies.  We believe implementation of a Distributed Order Management (DOM) system is paramount to the future of any successful omni-platform. 

The Go Global deliverable will include a master plan with system/platform selections, a focus on fulfillment with a 3PL / DC transformation, project training, and development of milestones.



Over the years, as margin pressures increased for brands and retailers, sourcing leaders were driven by management to reduce costs. This tactical, short-term plan to lower costs has had negative consequences on balance sheets in the consumer vertical.

As Sourcing Managers traveled to the far reaches of the world to find these cheaper prices, quality became inconsistent and lead-times increased. Design calendars had to accommodate these longer lead-times, thus “Concept to Customer” stretched beyond nine-months, perhaps longer. 


But there was always somewhere cheaper; some factory willing to reduce their margin or cut a corner to save a couple hundred basis points.  This led retailers into a downward spiral with negative consequences on the organization.

This is a flawed model. A winning supply chain strategy is pegged to the key metric of inventory optimization.  This model focuses on reducing working capital and increasing inventory turns.  It is important to focus on a responsive supply chain, one that is more aligned with the front of the house than ever before. 

Go Global brings a dynamic playbook and strategy to rebuilding your supply chain and optimizing your inventory.



Positioning a company for new ownership is difficult.  Our interim management capabilities can help any transition with specific experience that is not available within the company, such as expanding into international markets, building out the Omni platform or assessing the logistics & distribution network. 

Our team of industry veterans have led major restructuring and business transformation projects with some of the largest brands and retailers in the world.  We offer our expertise to Private Equity and strategic investors for acquired companies that you are acquiring that might need restructuring.

Go Global can pave the way for someone within the company to take over later, or temporarily use our expertise when losing a key executive.  We can provide leadership to a corporate function, a division or any function until the company finds exactly the right person to fill the role permanently. 



With constrained budgets, investment in technology has been disparate, often creating disconnects within a retail ecosystem.  Even worse, IT and Omni are often in silos and their strategic long-range plans are not aligned.  Under-developed corporate platforms commonly do not deliver real-time transparency into inventory, across all regions and channels. 

Go Global will provide a thorough assessment of the company’s infrastructure, point systems, interdependencies and overall systemic capabilities.  Our capabilities include helping a company migrate from on-premise to cloud, while creating the blueprint for a new IT platform that acts as an enabler to drive revenue and EBITDA.



Too often, management’s focus on increasing IMU (Initial Markup) has had an adverse impact on inventory turns and working capital.  The result can be unnecessary markdowns and excessive aged inventory. 

We believe optimizing the turns of your inventory is paramount to the financial success of any retailer.  Go Global will assess the company’s seasonal line planning, retail assortment planning, forecasting, demand planning and supply chain planning in aggregate, and by function.  Our evaluation will include an assessment of the technological tools deployed, workflow and departmental interdependencies. 

Our deliverables can include an opportunity roadmap, development and implementation of a Master Operational Calendar or establishment of new best in class performance metrics by channel.

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